Programs for the Pacific Islander Community 


Our health programs for the Pacific Islander community are part of our pilot outreach efforts to discover what types of programming will be most useful throughout our ethnically diverse community.

Malissa Netane, Prevention Partnership Program Associate at Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, said, “Because of the similarities of health disparities in the African American and Pacific Islander communities, it was easy for our organization to work cooperatively with BACHAC.”

BACHAC has presented health screenings and educational programs relevant to the Pacific Islander community, especially around conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes, which are related to obesity. It is our intention to provide programs in a manner that is culturally competent and respectful.

With a strong emphasis on reaching the Pacific Islander youth population, BACHAC has supported the MANA Youth Conference for the past two years. This event welcomes over 300 Pacific Islander youth from San Mateo County and the greater Bay Area with a focus on higher education and health.